Embedded WI-FI Module

Have you ever thought of using a tool available to everyone, such as a modern smartphone, to control your industrial machines ?

Thanks to a simple app it is possible, for example, to perform diagnostics on the machine status, receive notifications or alarms, and set parameters or recipes.

We develop iOS and Android apps which interact with the machine’s electronics via an embedded wi-fi module.

We support all design phases of the app according to a specific predefined scheme:


Analysis of the specifications of the machine's operational parameters


Analysis of the type of use by the end user and corresponding support in creating a native app or a WebApp


Design and planning of the graphical interface


Application Development


Publication of the app and management of the paperwork required for approval and publication of the app

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Remote Management

The entire user interface or a predetermined screen can be replicated on a smartphone or tablet. This means the operator no longer has to physically go up to the machine.

gestione-remota modulo wi-fi embedded micro systsems novi di modena

Control Interface

It is possible to physically eliminate the machine’s user interface, replacing it with a personal smartphone which can even control multiple machines in the same facility.

interfaccia controllo comunica con modulo wi-fi emebbed micro systems novi di modena

Sending Notifications/Alarms

It is possible to send important communications from the machine to your smartphone via the Wi-Fi network. Subsequently it will be possible to send this information via the phone’s internet connection

modulo wi-fi embedded segnalazione allarmi

Remote access to data, history and operating parameters

accesso remoto dati modulo wifi embedded

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