By using a GPS module embedded directly in the electronic board, it is possible to precisely identify the exact position of your industrial machine.

It is also possible to track the path of the machine so you know its relative position at all times.

The embedded GPS module also allows you to track the route of the machine so you know its relative position at all times.

The system can therefore be identified when needed, for example to trace equipment that your customers have not returned.

tracciare percorso macchinari industriali elettronica custom micro systems

In this case the GPS module becomes an anti-theft satellite tracking device which is able to locate the machine wherever it is.

antifurto satellitare con modulo gps integrato elettronica custom


Integrating this technology with the Internet of Things makes it possible to view the co-ordinates sent back on a web portal, representing the various signals on Google maps.

internet of things

The embedded 2G and 3G modules are available with integrated GPS module.


As well as GPS, it is also possible to incorporate an accelerometer in the board which will provide information on any impacts or sudden manoeuvres the machine is subjected to which could damage it.


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