Wi-Fi technology allows you to control industrial machinery with a smartphone or tablet by incorporating an embedded WiFi module in the electronics. The machine can be controlled remotely and it is possible to manage all its functions.

The user interface can be replicated on a smartphone, or else it can be eliminated entirely, making the smartphone the only control interface.

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We develop iOS and Android Apps to control your machinery which are customised down to the smallest detail.

By incorporating an embedded WiFi module in the electronics, any machinery will be able to communicate with a smartphone or tablet, receiving and sending commands and data, both read and write.

The protected Wi-Fi network established by the embedded WiFi module provides remote control of the machinery with a range of up to 100 metres in the open.

For custom projects, embedded WiFi modules and antennas can be incorporated in the new board.

Alternatively, it is possible to integrate with your machines’ process control board via a board equipped with an embedded WiFi module, antenna and  RS232, or RS485 serial output.

In this manner, any type of machine (including those controlled via industrial PC) can be managed via an app without having to redesign the existing electronic board.

Remote Management

Control your machinery or read its operating parameters within a range of up to 100 metres. The entire user interface or a predetermined screen can be replicated on a smartphone or tablet. This means the operator no longer has to physically go up to the machine.

Where can this be useful?

  • In a large industrial plant where it can take a long time to walk between machines
  • In a complex machine where the operator must be able to view the production process, or does not have easy access to the PC panel
gestione-remota modulo wi-fi embedded

Control Interface

Possibility to physically eliminate the machine’s user interface, replacing it with a personal smartphone which can even control multiple machines in the same facility.

Where can this be useful?

  • In applications requiring cost reductions, Wi-Fi control permits operation directly via an app, with the smartphone remaining the only control panel
  • Programmable parameters and recipes can be defined in the app and then transferred to multiple machines
interfaccia controllo comunica con modulo wi-fi emebbed

Load Operating Programmes

Manage the complex part of programme and recipe creation directly from your smartphone, and when you have finished you can upload them in bulk to the machine or even multiple machines.

modulo wi-fi embedded segnalazione allarmi

Receive Notifications

Thanks to this function the machine is able to send notifications directly to your smartphone, and you will be able to view them directly in a dedicated section of the app.

notifica macchina industriale tramite app

Technical Support App

We can create a specific section for your technicians on support calls. An extra tool to check your machine quickly.

modulo wi-fi embedded segnalazione allarmi

Check the Machine History

Check the alarms history, counters, usage data and reconstruct what happened on the machine.

notifica macchina industriale tramite app



Connection to the machine from any point in the plant (within a maximum range of 100 metres in the open)


Use of a single interface (tablet or smartphone) for multiple machines


Machine user interface replaced by a smartphone, a tool which is now accessible to all


Access Point Mode

The Wi-Fi module creates a protected network. When connected to it (within a range of 100m in the open), the smartphone becomes the machine’s user interface.

modulo wi fi embedded modalita access point

Client Mode

The embedded Wi-Fi module on the board connects to an existing Wi-Fi network. In this manner your machine is able to connect to the Internet.

modulo wi fi embedded modalita access point

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