We bring the Internet of Things to your products with an integrated hardware, software and web portal solution

Micro Systems is able to supply the three key elements of the Internet of Things: electronic boards complete with IOT module, connectivity and web application.

Our system will allow you to control and connect to the machines you manufacture around the world, while dealing with a single supplier.

There is an ever wider and more accessible range of connectivity and tools which facilitate the exchange of information in the cloud.

Today, the possibility to equip your industrial machinery with connectivity such as GSM or Wi-Fi gives you access to a completely new world made up of connections between people, data and objects: all this is the Internet of things.

iot embedded systems

An industrial machine located on the other side of the world will be able to provide you with its location, diagnostics, and information on its maintenance and components – what advantages will it provide your technical support network?

It could provide your with information, directly to your smartphone via an app or to your PC via a web portal – data on its hours of operation, real-time performance, economic summary of work performed, remote control etc.

How would you like your business to be made easier? What operations would you be able to improve?

internet of things web application

Connectivity allows you to find data important to your business and analyse them to extract significant information.

Imagine a future in which these data support the design of your new machine models.


internet of things web application


Drastically reduce technical support costs

In the event of a fault or alarm, the possibility to connect to the machine and obtain information on its status can avoid unnecessary travel, offer your customers an immediate solution and significantly reduce technical support costs.

What’s more, hour counters make it possible to know in advance when a mechanical machine part will require replacement via a notification email.

The technical support network will be able to organise its work in such a way as to reduce the total number of visits, something which is particularly relevant in countries where there are large distances to cover.

Offer your customers a new type of support

You will be immediately notified by the system as soon as an alarm occurs on the machine. You will already know what has happened when your customer contacts you.

The Real-Time connection will allow you to monitor what is happening with the machine’s various components while it is operating so you can better understand what the fault is.

Remote assistance on the machine, which is possible in certain situations, is the ultimate expression of a new support model which is incredibly fast and efficient.


Connecting to your machines via GSM – Server CLOUD modules will provide you with the following possibilities:













By putting your trust in Micro Systems, you will have a single point of reference who can manage all aspects of incorporating the Internet of Things in your machinery.

We are able to take care of all the system’s components, designing the hardware, software, web portal and even apps.

Micro Systems even handles the graphic design in house, through careful analysis of the trends for the most common operating systems:

iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

Internet of Things supporting the design of your upcoming machine models

Do you want to know how your customers use your machines?

The Internet of Things gives you the possibility to collect precise data on the use of your machines by all your customers. These data are a precious resource for your business, providing you with the foundations for designing new models based on actual requirements, making you more competitive in the market.

Your best machine will be your  next generation.

Go further. The system predicts the future, warning you of faults before they even occur!

Predicting and anticipating faults before they occur is the final frontier in innovation.

The system collects usage statistics and records any machine faults or breakdowns.

Month after month, it stores data and learns. Thanks to sophisticated algorithms, it creates connections, understands the relationship of cause and effect, and makes predictions on what will occur.

Already available in certain sectors, each specific application must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

How to incorporate the Internet of Things in your machines

There are two ways to implement IOT technology
  1. By using your IOT module complete with a GSM (2G/3G) module, SIM Card and antenna. Communication with your existing electronic board occurs via a serial connection

The ideal solution for equipping all your machines without having to redesign the electronic boards

modulo 2g/3g elettronica custom micro systems novi di modena

2. We create a made-to-measure boards for your machinery which are able to control the inputs, outputs and user interface, with a GSM (2G/3G) module, SIM card and antenna on board.

The ideal solution for new projects, allowing you to obtain a single board which is able to control all functions.

modulo 2g/3G INTEGRATO su elettronica custom microsystems novi di modena



Checking the status of the machine, energy consumption data, alarms history, hours of operation etc. directly from your workstation and regardless of the location of the machine

Predictive maintenance (on-board diagnostics for technical support operations; real-time connection for monitoring the machine during its operation; monitoring scheduled maintenance on the various parts of the machine)

Optimisation of the work of the individual users (technical support, distributors, maintenance operators)

Web-based software updates

Possibility to make payments and top-ups for rental situations

Acquisition and processing of machine operation data

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