Power Management Board

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an extremely important topic which is destined to take on an increasingly important role in the future

We aim to keep ahead of this trend and work to reduce energy consumption by providing you today with the possibility to monitor the power draw of machines equipped with our electronics.

Intelligent energy management offers a reduction in wastage, ensuring the maximum available power supply is not exceeded.

The comprehensive power management board available is able to monitor the total power draw of the entire system via a dedicated power transducer.
The board is also able to communicate via ModBus protocol with other electronic boards for monitoring of your machinery, or else activate and deactivate other electronic devices equipped with a dedicated digital ON/OFF input.

This makes it possible to supply or distribute power to the various devices without ever exceeding the maximum power available and increase the overall efficiency.

The power management board can also be used to manage delayed machine start-up or manage weekly working schedules.
A dedicated user interface allows you to set these weekly programming functions and manage the available power.

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