Radiofrequency access key

RFID technology allows data to be identified or stored on dedicated labels known as TAGS or transponders; these can be read or written to at a distance by a radiofrequency reader, thanks to an antenna which is able to transmit the signal.

RFID TAGS are set to provide an innovative replacement for traditional barcodes. These smart tags communicate via radio signals with a read/write device which may be in a fixed position or mobile, at a distance of one metre or more.

A TAG can hold the information required by the user in its IC memory; as such the stored information can be modified without changing the tag.

RFID smart TAGS are passive, powered by the radio frequency field emitted by the reader, and so do not need batteries. A thin flexible paper label is applied to the paper or plastic backing, which may be self-adhesive and/or printed.


Identifying a machine accessory, which can then be activated only if it is original

Recognition of the packaging of the products used by the machine (raw materials, special mixtures etc.), with the possibility to assign a unique ID code which enables their operation

chiave accesso rfid elettronica custom sistemi embedded

The creation of an “access key” which keeps track of user access and the operations performed.

Smart tags allow better performance than any other data reading system.


They can be protected with passwords and other security systems


They can be read even when not visible


They work even when not handled with care or exposed to unfavourable conditions


They are easily applied to any product


The “access key” can also enable the user to perform given operations on the machine, depending on the code assigned.

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