Wireless measurement devices

Wireless sensors are composed of 2 main parts:


A transceiver unit which is able to receive and transmit data from/to the sensors by generating an electromagnetic field.

unita trasmittente sensore wireless elettronica custom

One or more sensors equipped with an antenna and an independent power supply which transmit alarms and/or take measurements.

It is possible to create a network of simplex or duplex wireless sensors.

The transmitters can be programmed to transmit their ID code, battery level and any alarms at a predetermined time interval; when a significant variation in the measured parameter is detected, this new situation is transmitted immediately.

sensore wireless sistemi elettronica custom embedded

The data transmission channel uses brief RF pulses with efficient modulation techniques which allow a high peak RF power level, necessary for the reliability of the radio connection, to be maintained, but at the same time also features a very low average power (Power Density); this means a current draw on the order of 200µA during the transmission period, which results in a long-lasting power source.

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