Progettazione e Produzione di Schede Elettroniche

Progettiamo soluzioni di elettronica personalizzate per i nostri clienti: hardware, software e produzione in serie di schede elettroniche.

Scopri la soluzione per te

What we can do for you

We design customized electronic solutions for our customers: we create solutions that integrate with the finished machines, making them more precise and better performing and equipping them with the most cutting-edge technology for the industrial world. By combining reliability, customization as well as research and development, we add more value to the final product, of which the control electronics are the central pivot.

Care and attention at every step

Project design

First we do project analisys and feasabilty –then we move to hardware  and software design. These phases are necessary for the best development of the technology.

Manufacture and test

We make the first prototype and submit it to electromagnetic compatibility testing before passing it on to the customer for the necessary field tests.

Production in series

We take care of the series production phases: we purchase the components, carry out the assembly of the boards and carry out the In-circult and functional tests.

Case Histories


La nuova soluzione di hot melt italiana
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Our strengths

We are committed to high technology and high production standards which always guarantee concrete benefits for our customers.

  • Certified and up-to-date guaranteeing you the best
  • High reliability and continuous improvement
  • Reduced costs thanks to more efficient solutions
  • Research and development for continuous innovation
  • Specialization and flexibility
  • Updateable and modern solutions