Wi-Fi technology

Connecting one or more machines to the internet and controlling them remotely.

Connect your machines to the Wi-Fi network

The embedded Wi-Fi module on the board connects to an existing Wi-Fi network.

In this way, your machine is connected to the internet and can be controlled remotely through a web portal or an app.

Control your machine locally through an app

We create apps for iOS and Android to control your machines, customized to the finest detail.

The embedded Wi-Fi module generates a secure network. Once connected, up to a distance of 100m in open field, the smartphone becomes the user interface of the machine.

By equipping the electronics with an embedded Wi-Fi module, it is possible to control an industrial machine with a smartphone or tablet, operating locally. The machine is controlled remotely, and all its functions can be managed.

The user interface can be replicated on the mobile phone, or it can be eliminated from the machine, making the phone the only command interface.

Our apps

  • Remote management of machines
  • Uploading of the operating programs
  • Notifications
  • Support for technical assistance
  • Machine history

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